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The Sword of Trauma Healing Course, created by Angela Shelton

Hi! I’m Angela Shelton. Like many, I grew up being sexually abused and living in fear in a home full of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Because of that, I hated myself, abused myself and kept showing up in one abusive relationship after another.

I thought I was ugly and stupid.

I did not know what healed looked or felt like.

I thought I was stuck just going to weekly therapy for the rest of my life, but knew I was missing something.

After I drove around the country making the documentary Searching for Angela Shelton I discovered that 70% of the women I interviewed had been victims of child sexual abuse, rape and/or domestic violence as well.

That awful discovery propelled me into a mission of healing.

I went on the road for 10 years speaking to thousands of survivors, advocates and people helping others heal from therapists to “whackdoodle” healers.

I sought out every healing technique I could find and I tried EVERYTHING!

Then I discovered a SIMPLE 5 STEP PROCESS that switched my pain and repeated trauma forever, and brought me peace and joy.

Now I am living happily ever after, free of all those past panic attacks, anger issues, emotional roller-coaster moments and that feeling of just “surviving.”

As a huge bonus to truly moving on from trauma and recovery, I even married my first love and have a super fun and EASY relationship. We are now expecting our first child.

I’ve shared healing techniques on my blog for a years, but now I’ve set up an easy, user-friendly (YAY!) video series for you to use.



This course goes through the five steps of the Sword of Trauma
and how any kind of trauma (domestic violence, rape, incest, neglect, bullying, witnessing violence etc)
is like being pierced with a sword.




  1. ACKNOWLEDGE THE SWORD and how the Trauma in your life has affected YOUR MENTAL STATE, YOUR HEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS.
  2. REMOVE THE SWORD and Purge the Pain.
    in positive ways to address old triggers and cut out the negative.
    After going through trauma, we lost a lot of playtime. It's time to reclaim it.



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